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Row Handstand Walk (Time)

For Time:

50/40 cal Row

50′ Handstand Walk
* 5 min cap. Done in “you go, I go” fashion with a partner. You will make two attempts and your slowest score goes in wodify.

* Intermediate – 25′ Handstand Walk instead of 50′. Done in at least 5′ unbroken sections.

* Scaled – (3) 45 degree Wall Walks to equal 50′ Handstand Walk.

* Pick appropriate scale so that you can stay moving. Coaches may have some other great ways to scale the Handstand Walk as well.


Wrist Curls DB Single Leg bench Lunge (No Measure)

3 Rounds:

Max Set Forearm Curls (Palm Up, Palm Down, Thumb Up)

10 DB Single Leg Bench Lunge
* Weight on Forearm Curls should only be 2.5-5# plate. Each arm done individually while leaning over a bench. Do max set palm up 1st round, max set palm down 2nd round, and max set thumb up 3rd round.

* Choose challenging weight on Bench Lunge. DB hanging in both hands.