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* Every Monday will now be squat day!


Back Squat (70% (3×3), 75% (2×3), 80% (1x max reps))

* Percentages based off of 1 RM Back Squat.

* Ensure that you know how to bail or have spotter for max set.

* Perform set every 2 min.


Wall Balls Front Rack Lunge (Time)

For Time:

45 Wall Balls (20#/14#)

100′ Front Rack Lunge (45#/30#)

–5 min cap–

Make 2 attempts
* Partner Count, rest as needed between attempts.

*There will be a running clock going during everyone’s attempts and you can start whenever you’d like. Just make sure to start on an even minute so it’s easy for you to calculate your time on each attempt.

Rx+ – (30#/20#) on Wall Balls, (50#/35#) on Front Rack Lunge.

Scaled – (14#/10#) to 10’/9′ line on Wall Balls, (30#/20#) on DB Lunge.