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Hang Clean & Jerk (Low Hang (3×3), Hang (3×3))

* 60% of 1 RM Hang Clean.

* Focusing on technique.

* Touch and go reps if possible.

* Make sure to use hook grip and if you cannot keep hook in front rack position practice re-hook technique in between reps.

* Do Squat Clean and Split Jerk style if mobility is there.

* Perform set every 1:30.


SB Cleans Bear Crawl Row (Time)

3 Rounds:

10 Sandbag Cleans (75/100)

75′ Bear Crawl

10/7 Cal Row
*10 min cap.

* Whole body must cross line on each side on Bear Crawl.

*SB Cleans are over the shoulder.

*Every 5′ equals rep on the Bear Crawl.

*Rx+ is (150#/100#) on Sandbag Cleans.